Big Data

Lucentia methodology for Big Data

In Lucentia Lab we have developed a methodology oriented to the development of Business Intelligence solutions that make use of Big Data. This methodology has as pillars:

  • Development of a strategy for the management and acquisition of data sources.

  • Iterative and flexible design of Data Warehouse (DW).

  • Visual design adapted to the characteristics of the new data sources.

The Strategic Planning determines the objectives of the organization and how to achieve them. From strategic planning, we do the requirements specification of the Business Intelligence systems, which increase the return on investment in solution BI-Big Data.


Defining KPI's


Combining data with key performance indicators (KPI) facilitate the understanding of the meaning of the data. In Big Data, depending on the origin of data sources, we can differentiate between:

Internal KPI

What products are most successful? -> Analysis of company sales.

External KPI

What our customers think about us? -> Analysis of comments sentiment in social networks.

In Lucentia Lab we help you to define the two types of KPI, in order to perform a better analysis of the data on the company.

Big Data Technology


We use the latest technology such as Hadoop/MapReduce, Apache Flume, Apache Pig, Apache Hive...

In addition, we combine this technology with NoSQL databases and give solutions locally and in the cloud.

In Lucentia Lab we are aware of the enormous potential that Big Data means for the development of Business Intelligence solutions.

Our solutions are tailored to the needs of each organization, considering the strategic planning, the analysts requirements and other users of processed data.

In this way we maximize success in dealing Big Data processing and therefore the profitability of the investment. Contact us if you want to know more about the subject.


What is Big Data?

Big data is defined by the changes that have taken place in the data sources available for analysis in recent years. Also known as the 5 Vs of Big Data:


Significant increase in the size of data that you can take advantage.


Increased diversity and number of available data sources, both internal and external to the company.


Increase the rate at which data is generated in the data sources.


Increased uncertainty about the quality of available data.


Measure of utility of data for decision making in the organization.

Why does your company need Big Data?

Big Data represents an opportunity to integrate previously inaccessible information in order to get a better view of the business and customers. It allows to improves the effectiveness of Business Intelligence solutions through the use of new data sources:

  • Internal company data that was not feasible to process until now.

  • Data outside the company that we hardly asked ourselves to use and analyze until now.


Challenges of Big Data

Manage and integrate extremely diverse data sources.

Establish quality controls beyond transactional existing rules.

Process and store data at the speed that are generated.

Align uncertain data with its implications for the strategic objectives of the organization.


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